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WordPress Training in Ranchi

WordPress is one of the most popular Blog and Content Management Tool, widely used for small and large project. WordPress is very flexible and Easy to use tool. There are many CMS(Content Management System) available to develop a dynamic website, but WordPress is on the top of all others. As of February 2016, WordPress is used by 59.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.8% of all websites. Its easy to learn and manage. You can easily extends the functionality of WordPress by using thousands of plugins, which are available easily and free of cost.

Learning WordPress would be a Plus if you are looking for Job with some higher salary. It will add extra weight in your resume.

If you have basic understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery then learning WordPress will a fun. We will make you trained all the steps that you can manage WordPress easily as well as you can customise any existing themes. We will also make you expert in HTML to WordPress theme  conversion which is our main focus so that you can play with WordPress.

At the end of the course,  you will feel proud and can say with confident that you can do any thing with WordPress.

Course Schedule for WordPress




Session 1 Introduction to WordPress Detailed Introduction to wordpress , How to make a website or a bog using a wordpress, Downloading and Installing  wordpress on WAMP SERVER
Session 2 Administration Screen Short Introduction to all the menus and sub-menus on the Administration Screen
Session 3 Dashboard Accessing all the site management features of WordPress
Session 4 Themes Installing and managing themes, Editing the appearance of  themes, theme settings, adjusting different elements of installed themes like slideshow, post, pages
Session 5 Posts Adding new post, Editing existing posts,  inserting images, videos to the posts, adding categories to  publishing the posts on the websites. Adding custom fields. Adding Tags to the pages
Session 6 Pages Adding New pages , Modifying pages, Editing pages, Inserting images,
videos, mp3 to the pages, publishing the pages on the websites, creating static
Session 7 Menus Creating Custom Menus, modifying themes default menu.
Session 8 Media Uploading pictures, videos, editing images, publishing them on the websites, embedding videos from Youtube to your website.
Session 9 Links Adding New links , Editing the links, Adding categories to the links. Manging Categories
Session 10 Comments Comment Moderation, Approving comments, removing spam.
Session 11 Widgets Adding, Editing widgets to the theme.
Session 12 Plugins Introduction to plugins , Installing plugins , Editing plugins.
Session 13 Social Media Plugins Floating social media, social media widget, social media tabs,social media mashup, social media icons
Session 14 Top Plugins All-in-one video pack, contact-form, front-slider, seo-wordpress, google fonts, MP3-jplayer, paypal donations.
Session 15 Users Managing the accessibility to the website/blog.
Session 16 Tools Import Export wordrpess files, Using press this functionality
Session 17 Settings General, Reading, Writing, Discussion, Media, Privacy, Permalinks
Session 18 Slider Adding Custom Slider to the themes.
Total Training Hrs  30
Total Training Period  3 weeks

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