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jQuery Training in Ranchi

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that make it much easier to use the Javascript on your website. Packed with various common mouse and keyboard events it simplies the DOM activity. It provides interactions, widgets, effects, and theming for creating Rich Internet Applications.

JavaScript is the default scripting language in HTML5 and supported by all modern browsers while in older version you must apply type=”text/javascript” . We at arnav Infotech provides the best jQuery Training in Ranchi with covering all sections of jQuery library.

jQuery Training

Following details syllabus will be covered while learning with jQuery.

Section 1: jQuery Introduction
 Section 1.1 What is jQuery?
  Section 1.2 Why jQuery?
Section 2: Get Started
  Section 2.1 Download
  Section 2.2 How to use
 Section 2.3 Self Hosted vs CDN
 Section 2.4 jQuery Syntax
 Section 2.5 jQuery Selectors
 Section 2.6 jQuery Events
Section: 3 jQuery HTML
 Section 3.1 Generating HTML
 Section 3.2 Wrapping HTML
 Section 3.3 Get/Set Attributes
 Section 3.4 Add/Remove Attributes
 Section 3.5 Add/Remove Class
 Section 3.6 Custom Attributes
Section 4: DOM Events
 Section 4.1 What are Events
 Section 4.2 Common DOM Events
 Section 4.3 Mouse Events
 Section 4.4 Click Events
 Section 4.5 Dblclick Event
 Section 4.6 Mouseenter/Mouseleave Events
 Section 4.7 Keyboard Events
 Section 4.8 Keypress/Keyup/Keydown
 Section 4.9 Form Events
 Section 4.10 Submit/Change/Focus/Blur Events
 Section 4.11 Document/Window Events
 Section 4.12 Load/Resize Events
 Section 4.13 Scroll Events
 Section 4.14 Working with input text
 Section 4.15 Working with Radio/Checkbox
Section 5: Animations & Effects
 Section 5.1 Elements Hide/Show
 Section 5.2 FadeIn/FadeOut
 Section 5.3 Sliding Elements
 Section 5.4 jQuery Animation
 Section 5.5 Function Callback
 Section 5.6 jQuery Chaining
 Section 5.7 jQuery Toggles
Section 6: Working with AJAX
 Section 6.1 Loading content with jQuery
 Section 6.2 GET & POST Request
 Section 6.3 Response Handling & Callback
Section 7: Utility Functions
 Section 7.1 Browser detection
 Section 7.2 Using other library with jQuery
 Section 7.3 Restrict default activity
 Section 7.4 Trim Strings
 Section 7.5 Looping
 Section 7.6 ParseJSON
 Section 7.7 Working with Timer
Section 8: Plugins
 Section 8.1 Popular jQuery Plugins
 Section 8.2 Plugin Configurations
 Section 8.3 Plugin Development basic

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