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CodeIgniter Framework Training in Ranchi

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP Framework, which has nearly zero configuration and easy to use. It is based on MVC(Model-View-Controller) pattern. It can be used for small as well as large project or Web Application development.

Why to use Framework?

Using a PHP Framework is not absolutely necessary: It is just a tools to improve the productivity of our work efficiency. As we all know, coding same things again and again in similar projects lowers down our productivity.

Framework provides a way to minimise our coding and developing common thing becomes easier. It is well structured and easy to maintain and updates.

CodeIgniter is one the most popular PHP Framework that have many in-built library and helper files that can save your time a lot. It follow MVC(Model-View-Controller) patter that differentiate the logic and programming with visual layouts.

There are many more features:

  • Follow MVC Patter.
  • Easy to use library and helper files.
  • Tiny in size
  • No additional server requirement setup
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Security of codes
  • Easy to learn and implements

Learning CodeIgniter Framework will be Just a double advantage as It will improve your skills as well as you will get higher payer salary.

Training Schedule – Codeigniter Framework Course




Session 1 Initial Setup and Configuration Config Class, Database Config, Explanation of MVC Architecture
Session 2 First CI Application Loader Class, Libraries, Creating Static Pages, Creating First Controller, Model & View
Session 3 CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing Passing Parameters in URLs,  URI Class
Session 4 Reserved Names
Session 5 Auto Loading Functions
Session 6 Form Handling Input Class, Form Validation Class, File Uploading Class, Security Class, Page Redirection
Session 7 Helper Functions Cookie Helper, Date Helper, Download Helper, URL Helper
Session 8 Database Database Configuration, Connecting to a Database, Running Queries, Generating Query Results, Query Helper Functions, Field Data
Session 9 Active Record Class Selecting Data, Inserting Data, Updating Data, Deleting Data, Method Chaining
Session 10 Session handling Session Class
Session 11  Email Class  Sending Emails using CI, SMTP, Google
Session 12 Image Manipulation Class Resize Image, Aspect Ratio
Session 13 Pagination Class Pagination of large data
Session 14 Caching
Session 15 Cart Class Simple shopping cart example
Session 16 Encryption Class
Session 17 User Agent Class Identify user agent and display browser specific view
Session 18 Zip Encoding Class Create Zip files, Unzip files
Session 16-20  Projects Given by the Centre
Total Training Hrs 25 (2.5 Hrs/Day)
Total Training Period 2 weeks (10 Days)

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